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100% of the proceeds from the project goes to
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The 2022 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar launches next month!

2021 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar

Are you a Fire Fighter looking to be part of our next calendar edition?
We want to hear from you!
We proudly include all types of Saskatchewan Fire Fighters including Volunteer and Professional.

Letter from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation re Proceeds:

We are excited to celebrate the launch of our 18th annual edition which features brave and hard working Fire Fighters from around the province.  This year we have brought back some of our popular Fire Fighters from our past editions as voted online.

The new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is a provincial referral centre for moms-to-be, families, and the over 200,000 children living in our province. Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital has leading-edge equipment and will host ground-breaking innovation bringing enhanced care to Saskatchewan kids who need it.

We are proud to raise funds for Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. 100% of proceeds through the 2020 calendar project will go to this cause. Funds raised will ensure that the right equipment, enhancements, research, and technology can be purchased and realized within the walls of the new maternal and children’s hospital.

Fire Fighters know first hand how injured and sick children can change lives. Our goal is to do all we can to improve the lives of children and families in need. The individuals that appear in this calendar are real Fire Fighters, everyday heroes who risk their lives to save the lives and properties of total strangers. These Fire Fighters are donating their time to help Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

On behalf of the Fire Fighters involved from across the province, we would like to thank you for purchasing our 2020 calendar and count on your continued support in the future.

Fast Facts about the Calendar Project…​


100% of the Proceeds from the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar goes to Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. Through a legally binding agreement, our organization has agreed that we will not keep any portion of proceeds as compensation or profit. To ensure accountability, we have agreed to the inspection of all financial records associated with the project.

Partnership with Charity Extended for 5 Years

After working together on our first calendar edition, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation was impressed with our work and has recently renewed our partnership for not just one year but for an additional 5 year period. We are now in our 4th year working together.

Our Organization is New

The Saskatchewan Fire Fighters calendar is produced by a newly created organization established in 2017. New people and processes have been added and a new organization structure has been introduced. Prior to the 2018 edition, the calendar was administered through a different charity who handled and approved expenses associated with the project. Retailers, Fire Fighters, and Sponsors sent money directly to that charity and they handled all money associated with the project.

The Fire Fighters are Real

Our calendar features both Professional/Career Fire Fighters as well as Volunteer Fire Fighters. We do not hire models – the hard working heroes you see in our calendar are real Fire Fighters!

Production Costs are Low

Our project is made possible through the committee members and Fire Fighters who donate their time. Like any fundraising project we do have some costs which are kept to a minimum thanks to services donated by sponsors. We do not pay any kind of percentage or large cost to a production or marketing company. Photography services are also fully donated. Our charity partner has reviewed our costs and are comfortable in continuing to work with us.

We Have Permission and Rights to Produce the Calendar

We do have full permission and rights to produce a Fire Fighters calendar including permissions transferred to us by our previous charity partner.

We Can Now Include All Types of Fire Fighters

With our change 5 years ago we were able to open up the calendar to include all Fire Fighters in the province including other Professional/Career Fire Fighters and to Volunteer Fire Fighters. Previously these Fire Fighters were not permitted to participate in the Fire Fighters Calendar due to a restriction by our previous charity partner and their affiliated association.

Featuring Fire Fighters From Across the Province

Over the years our calendar has featured Fire Fighters from across the province including larger cities as well as the small communities that make up our great province.

Thank You – 2020 Selection Night

We would like to extend a thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Selection Night on May 9th as well as to those who placed votes for our Fire Fighters at the event and online from across Canada. Special thanks to all the Fire Fighters

2019 Calendar Ranked #5 Worldwide

The results are in and our 2019 calendar is #5 in the world!  The 2019 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar has been ranked once again on the Fire Critic’s list of Best Fire Fighter Calendars.  Their annual review has become the gold standard in ranking Fire Fighter Calendars around the world. 

Letter from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation re Proceeds

January 9th, 2018   To Whom It May Concern: Re: Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar  The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation (JPCHF) is dedicated to raising funds for the enhancement of maternal and children’s healthcare and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. The JPCHF is excited to partner with the Saskatchewan Fire

2018 Calendar Ranked #3 Worldwide

The results are in and our calendar is #3 in the world!  The 2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar has been ranked once again on the Fire Critic’s list of Best Fire Fighters Calendars.  Our calendar is also the #1 Canadian calendar.  Their annual review has become the gold standard in

2018 Calendar Cover Revealed

We thought you would like to see the unboxing of the 2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighter Calendars. Congratulations to Fire Fighters Lincoln and Justin who appear on the calendar cover. They had no idea it was them! Thank you to Chief Dale for capturing the big surprise on video.

Firefighters posing for a good cause

by Jaime Polmateer / Estevan Mercury   The 2018 Saskatchewan Firefighters Calendar is going to see some local talent, after Estevan Fire Rescue members Lieutenant Lincoln Empey and firefighter Justin Charron went to Casino Regina for selection night last week. This is the first year the calendar has accepted volunteers,

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