We are disheartened with recent attempts by our former charity partner and their affiliates to discredit the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar project.


A few months ago we ended our 14 year relationship with the SPFFA Burn Fund.  We felt it was necessary to work with a charity with the highest commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency that we found in the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Our change also allows us to now include all types of Fire Fighters in the province which previously were not permitted to be included in the project due to a restriction by the SPFFA Burn Fund.


In the past the SPFFA Burn Fund directly handled all of the income and expenses associated with the calendar project.  Sponsors, retailers, Fire Fighters and other partners and supporters sent payments to the Burn Fund charity directly. We did not have any involvement in handling donations/money associated with the Calendar in question.  To further clarify all money was directly handled by the charity.  There was no donation payable to the charity from our group.  The Burn Fund also ultimately approved and paid any expenses associated with the project directly to applicable suppliers.  The calendar project generated a significant profit for the SPFFA Burn Fund over the years and the project continues to grow year after year.


We do have full rights and permission to produce a 2018 calendar including those permissions that were assigned to us in an agreement with the SPFFA Burn Fund.


We are making a number of changes to the project.  New partners have come on board to assist with the production of the calendar project.  With these changes, we are able to make a commitment that 100% of the proceeds will go to our new charity partner – the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.


We believe that Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is an excellent cause and encourage people to support by donating to them as well as support their the various fundraising endeavors approved by and benefiting them including the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar.


We are expecting a very successful fundraising campaign with the 2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Selection Night and 2018 Calendar.


Thank you for your continued support of the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar.


-2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Committee