Given the recent comments and misconceptions about our work with our former charity partner and production of the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar project, we have decided to provide the following information for those who may be concerned with the costs associated with producing the project.

In the interest of transparency we wanted to share with you that at this time we expect to raise $47,710 through the 2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Selection Night.  We are estimating to have $3,795 in production costs resulting in a net profit of $43,915.  As per our agreement with the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation (JPCHF), 100% of the proceeds raised will go to JPCHF and we are excited to be a part of the work being done by this charity. Our production costs represent 7% of the funds to be raised and consist of technical labor at the event, travel costs for the participating fire fighters traveling from out of town, and small miscellaneous expenses also associated with the project.  Further, as part of our agreement with JPCHF, the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar will not keep any funds as profit or compensation.

We do have a great group of Fire Fighters from across the province participating at the 2018 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Selection Night and encourage the public to continue to support the calendar in support of a great cause.